The real Howdy Doody, not me!!

As a young boy I was red-haired and freckled big time. One of the favorite TV shows for kids at that time (dating myself for sure) was the Howdy Doody show. Howdy Doody, the main character was, you guessed it, red-haired and freckled. I eventually lived it down and my hair is now non-existent and my freckles have faded over 72 years. In between then and now I have traveled a winding path from that red-head kid to being a great-grandfather who is just now finding his place as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In between have been many ups and downs that have contributed to that journey. This blog will be about that journey, but will concentrate on how I apply what I have learned to be the best disciple and lay minister of the gospel that I can be. It is my hope that I can be a vessel of inspiration and encouragement to whoever takes the time to stop by.


My Spiritual Journey

Back in 2013 I began a project called My Spiritual Journey. Originally intended to act as a document for my future generations to know who Grandpa Chuck was, I decided to make it public as it may encourage or inspire others outside my immediate family. So here it is to date – from an 8-yr …

The Journey Begins

Are you familiar with the term ‘fits and starts’.  If not, from the Free Dictionary – with irregular movement; with much stopping and starting.   Somehow, they got the job done in fits and starts.  By fits and starts, the old car finally got us to town. By fits and starts I may finally get this blog rolling!  I guess I should have gotten a little farther along the learning curve before I published, but such is the life of a guy who traditionally …

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These photo’s are of some of the crosses that have been made and sold in the past. Eventually there will be a gallery of items that I have made and are offering for sale. There will be a Paypal link so that you can purchase directly from the website.