The Journey Begins

Are you familiar with the term ‘fits and starts’.  If not, from the Free Dictionary – with irregular movement; with much stopping and starting.  

Somehow, they got the job done in fits and starts. 

By fits and starts, the old car finally got us to town.

By fits and starts I may finally get this blog rolling!  I guess I should have gotten a little farther along the learning curve before I published, but such is the life of a guy who traditionally gets impatient and ahead of himself.

This post should have been the first post since it is titled The Journey Begins, but number two became number one, and so here is number one…..which actually….I guess is number two.  Wait, hold on.

I just realized that number two is only in draft form and that this post, the true number one was actually published but had a title with no content!  What in the world happened to the content? Not sure, but the upside is I now have two completed posts which can be published simultaneously. Yeah me.



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