End of a career?

Sounds dramatic, but refers to the choice I have made, at 72, to give up running for good. I have been a runner since my late 20’s and have competed in 5K’s up to half-marathons and 15-mile trail races. When I was diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease 3 yrs ago I stopped running for a while but then started training again recently to try to work back up to at least doing another 5K. The extreme fatigue that I experienced due to the PD made it very difficult but, at the encouragement of my neurologist, it seemed appropriate as I really missed it.

Then we come to this morning. I left the house at a slow jog, aiming to complete .3 miles of running without stopping and then continuing with some run/walk intervals. About 5 minutes in I suddenly went down, doing a face plant on the sidewalk. Cut over my eye, cut my lip, cracked or bruised a rib and acquired a giant strawberry on my leg. I slowly got up, evaluated myself and turned for the slow walk back to the house. By the time I arrived at the house I had made up my mind – running was out for good this time.

Time for the rocking chair? Not hardly. I can still walk, lift weights, do running workouts in the pool etc. This old man is not ready to sit down yet!

2 responses to “End of a career?”

  1. Oh Daddy…..I’m so sorry. I know how much you love it. I will carry the torch you lit for me as a child…..I will continue to run….consider it your legacy 😉


  2. So sorry, friend. Thankfully, there is more exercises to choose from. But, a big adjustment nonetheless. Praying, my friend. ~ Stacey


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