Adam Arrives on the Scene

Chapter 2 of the ongoing Chapter Book, Being Real

The moon, fading in the early morning light, slowly descended behind the purple hills as the sun began to make its appearance in the eastern sky until gradually it filled the land with its light. The sky was a brilliant blue, stretching above a newly created earth.  As far as He could see there were forests of tree’s, green vegetation and all manner of living creatures. There were great seas, rushing rivers, great mountain ranges and verdant valleys.  Everything was watered by great underground springs.

All the animals were coming down to the river to drink of the pure water. All these creatures found something within the wilderness of the creation to eat and they all drank together without fear, though some were extremely large and ferocious looking while others were small, furry and shy. They didn’t have names. They shared the world side by side without conflict. Overhead great flocks of winged creatures circled together.  The river sang a happy song as it shared its water while it flowed down to the great sea. 

The waters were as full of living creatures as the skies were full of birds and the land was full of animals. God planned it so that every type of creature would procreate more creatures exactly like them so that they would fill the earth.  It was the sixth day of creation and God walked the earth.  He looked at all he had created and was very happy with what he had done. As he gazed around His creation, He noted that there was no one to cultivate the soil and no one to take care of all the beauty that He had created. He then stooped down and, in the midst of all His creation and in the presence of animals big and small, He said, “let’s make a man in Our image.” He scooped up a handful of dust from the earth and created a new creature which He called man. He gave the man two legs that so that he could stand upright. He did this because He intended that the man would oversee His creation. He gave him hands to take care of his duties, though he intended no heavy work. He gave him eyes to see, ears to hear, a heart to beat in perfect unison with the rhythms of the universe. He gave him systems to operate his body with, circulation, respiration, muscle movement etc. And then He gave the man the most miraculous thing, something He called a brain. This one small part of the man would control everything else in perfect harmony. It would tell the legs to run or walk. It would tell the fingers how to pluck a fruit from the tree.  Most importantly, this creation He called the brain would give the man the ability to think and plan. He would not have the knowledge of good and evil, for He would know no evil. But He would have the knowledge of the love of His creator. The man was created to worship God. The brain would also give the man the ability to think a problem through and make choices. God would not force the man to love Him, but He would make sure that he would have no reason not to.

When He finished forming the man, He did something He hadn’t done with any of the other creations, He breathed His own breath of life into the man. He had so much love for the man. This would be his crowning glory. This man and others to follow would live forever in this beautiful world He had created. He would love them and make sure that they wanted for nothing. He would provide everything they needed and in return the man would care for all of the other creatures He had created.

He was very pleased with all that He had created.

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