What is P.E.W. Perspective? P.E.W. Perspective defines the ministry I feel God has given me. P.E.W. is an acronym for Prayer, Encouragement and Writing. These are the areas where I feel that God wants me to work and impact my world with His truth. Let me explain a bit about how I got here.

As a youngster growing up in the 50’s and 60’s I did not have what you would call a normal, stable life. I spent a lot of time living with 3 different aunt’s and with grand-parents. In between I was in various foster homes and eventually spent my high school years in a children’s home established to help kids in similar unstable family situations. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad life, I loved my relatives and got to live in some pretty cool places. And the children’s home was a great place to be while growing into adulthood.

In between then and now I have traveled a winding path from that somewhat ‘loose ends’ kid to being a great-grandfather who is finding his place as a lay minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That lay ministry is understood to be pew ministry (or P.E.W. ministry) rather than a call to pulpit ministry.  This requires me to be a good church member and to spend time in prayer, actively seek to encourage those who need encouragement and to write whatever God gives me to write that may be able to minister to those outside my immediate church family.

There have been many ups and downs that have contributed to my journey. This blog will reflect on that journey, but will concentrate on how I apply what I have learned to be the best disciple and lay minister of the gospel that I can be. It is my hope that I can be a vessel of inspiration and encouragement to whoever takes the time to stop by.


  1. Hi Chuck:

    Thanks for sharing. The Children’s home where we both stayed is where I became a Christian thanks to a cook that really cared about us kids. I was age 15 when I accepted Jesus as my savior. I am still serving Jesus today. I have had a lot of hills and valleys but they make me stronger. I think my greatest strength is helping people to understand what Christianity is and is not. I have always been a person of common sense and the ability to make the difficult understandable.


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